Sunday, 3 September 2017

Robbery Suspect Curses His Partner For Killing Business Woman Even After They Robbed Her

A certain Chukwu Nonso Mishack, 26, who used to be an assistant driver, aka motor boy, has confessed to  being part of the armed robbery gang that murdered one Mrs Joy Okike, a business woman, in Benin.  “OZ and Friday are members of our gang. I saw them one day sharing money and I pleaded with them to help me with some of the money. They gave me some money and asked me what I was doing for a living and I told them I was a motor boy. 

They asked why should I be doing such a work? So they wrote down their telephone numbers and gave me. About two weeks later, I called them and they came to pick me up. That was how we started robbing people. 

In the case of this woman that was killed, we accosted her while she was entering her house. We had collected everything from her after which I entered our vehicle. I was now shocked when I heard gunshots. 

After that, my colleague came to the car and I asked him who he shot. He said I should forget the matter. But I was angry and I told him that the blood of that woman will be on his head and not mine. 

Later, policemen came after us and I was arrested. OZ and Friday escaped. I was not the one that killed the woman. I have never killed before. But I am pained that OZ killed that woman even after we robbed her of money and other valuables."