Sunday, 3 September 2017

Too Bad! How A Married Man Died In His Mistress' Cupboard After Her Husband Returned Home Unannounced

A married South African man has died in the cupboard of his mistress, who is also a married woman. It was gathered that the husband of the woman goes to work every Sunday, and then comes back during the weekend, while his wife invites home a man, with whom she has sex with.
On a fateful day, a neigbour told the husband about his wife's infidelity, so he asked for leave on a Sunday from work so he could burst his wife. Apparently, on that fateful Sunday, the husband pretended to go to work so he can come back and catch the both of them in action.
Read the full story below as narrated by a social media user:

"A lady called me to gossip about her neighbours. Apparently she was cheating on her husband who works here in Johannesburg. One of the neighbors alerted the husband.

"He usually goes back to work on Sunday, he asked for leave so he can burst his wife. On Sunday evening, he pretends to go to work but comes back so he can catch them in action.

"He gets home, knocks on the door and the wife quickly hides the man in a kist (A storage for old clothes) and locks it so the hubby can’t open it. The husband summons the wife to come with him to visit his mother. She refuses but the guy won’t take no for an answer. Eventually she agrees. They pack and leave. (meanwhile the man is still locked).

"3 days later they get a call from the cops telling them that there is a foul smell in the house. When they get there. There are worms all-over the place, it leads to the kist (the storage where the man was locked). When they opened it, it was the husband of a near-by neighbor. He was buried today."