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Female Lecturer Cries Out For Help After She Was Owed 35 Months Salary And Sacked Unjustly

Mrs Chinwe Valentine Ohagba is a lecturer with Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe in Anambra East Local Government Area of Anambra State. She has alleged oppression, victimization and injustice. She alleged that she is being owed 35 months’ salary in Anambra State, where civil servants, pensioners and political appointees receive their salaries and wages as and when due.
She has also cried out to Governor Willie Obiano to come to her rescue. But Ohagba told newsmen that she was served with termination paper last Wednesday after the inquiry about the matter with Dr. Ego Uzoezie, the Provost of the college.
She said she was sacked by the Provost of the Uzoezie shortly after the newsmen made inquiries into the genesis of her problem with the school management that lead to her being owed 35 months salary. Addressing newsmen in Onitsha, the lecturer said she was the best graduating student of the college in the year 1990 and was promised a job by the College management any time she wanted.
In the year 2005, Ohagba said, she came back to the school after graduating as a lawyer and was offered a part time appointment, which was made full appointment in 2006.
Since then, she had been working until September 2013, when she was issued a letter to proceed on suspension with half pay without any query.
According to her, the letter stated that her suspension was based on her refusal to answer a query issued her on December 7, 2011.
But she went to the management with her own copy of the reply of the query signed by G.U. Okeke, a staff of the college, which they endorsed on December 9, 2011.
In spite of this glaring evidence, they insisted that Ohagba should proceed on suspension, which she went from September 23,2014 to February, 2015.
Consequently, the Anambra State Government set up a visitation panel, which looked into her case and recommended her recall and payment of all arrears salary owed her in the white paper of May 2015 report of the panel.
The Provost of the college jettisoned the White paper report and set up her own panel: Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee to investigate her case through a letter dated July 21, 2014.
After the Committee had sat and heard from her, it also recommended that she should be recalled and all her arrears paid to her, which now compelled the management to recall her via a letter dated February 2, 2015.
Ohagba said when she was on suspension under the former Provost, Dr Mrs. Clara Osuagwu, she was paid her half salary for 15 months but immediately Uzoezie took over, the first thing she did was to remove her name from the payroll after reading a letter she wrote to her to intervene in her case.
From February to November 2015, after her recall, she was not paid, hence she wrote requesting the payment of her salary, which has now accumulated to 25 months. But the Provost invited her to her office where she warned her never to ask for the arrears again.
“She threatened me that if I continued, she would sack me but I told her that I would ask for the money because there is no reason for me to forfeit it. From that day, she started using her machinery, executive powers to fight me. She personally instructed my Head of Department, Mr. F.O. Okafor and my Dean, Mrs. Edna Obi to raise queries against me. Between that January 2015 to September 2016, I had problem till date. She has generated 20 queries against me, which I have responded to all of them” said the embattled lecturer.
She said based on those queries, Uzoezie set up a committee to terminate her appointment, headed by Dr. F.A. Chukwuemeka, which sat without inviting her to hear her own side of the matter and recommended her sack.
Continuing, Ohagba said the provost submitted the report to the Council, alleging that before setting up the committee, she had removed her name from payroll for the second time without suspension or termination letter. “That has been my condition since October 2016 till date.”
Her name, according to her, was also removed from all official assignments and all these she did before taking her name to the council.
The Council however set up a committee on the matter, headed
by Prof. C.A. Umeobi, which recommended after sitting and hearing from her that all her arrears of salaries, including half and full should be paid in bulk within one month of council’s approval of the report.
The Provost was also directed to restore all her course and fully integrate her into the system with immediate effect, in addition to her appraisal for promotion from 2016 to date among other recommendations.
“The committee frowned at the discriminatory practices observed in the College and wishes to state that they negate the constitutional provision of section 42 subsection 1 of the 1999 constitution”, said Ohagba of the report.
Despite this report, she said, the provost refused to implement the report. Rather, she wrote a rejoinder that she should be sacked based on her poor attitude to work, which was not what she initially accused her off in the committee she set up. She was rather accused of “non-invigilation and failure to produce results”.
When contacted on her cell phone, Dr Uzoezie said if Ohagba claimed that she has been cleared, she should bring documents from the council to that effect, insisting that the matter was still with the council
But Ohagba called on Obiano to intervene in her matter by directing the provost to pay her all her outstanding salary arrears, because it appears she has allegedly intimidated the council from implementing all the reports directing her to recall and pay her all her arrears of salary as she alleged the provost is , boasting that nothing would happen.
Ohagba said Uzoezie was being economical with the truth as the council has finished the matter and it is not in her place to give her any paper from the council, since she has her own as the provost. 
Credit: New Telegraph

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