Monday, 29 January 2018

How My Wife Suddenly Disappeared Without Any Trace Since Last Year - Nigerian Referee Tells Shocking Tale

These are not the best of times for Mr. James Korinjoh, a FIFA-graded referee. Korinjoh, who is also a Nigerian Navy retiree, is distraught at the moment. His wife of 21 years, Mrs. Joy Chikaodi Korinjoh, has been missing since July 3, 2017. He has been combing every nook and cranny of the country in search of his wife, while making emotional pleas to her and whoever may find her to bring her back home alive.
Joy, a mother of three, vanished without trace, and the police have not been able to make any progress in locating where she is, since last year.
Her husband and children are saddened by the twist of things. Korinjoh disclosed that he has been immensely burdened by his wife’s sudden disappearance since July 3 last year. And, worse still, no one has been able to see or tell where she is.
“Would the woman I have lived with for the past 21 years ever come home?” he asked, with his head bowed during an encounter with Daily Sun. “I don’t understand what is happening to me at the moment. It is sad, very sad.”
The woman, until her disappearance, lived with her husband in their family house at the Shibiri area of Ojo, Lagos, with their children. They have been enjoying marital life together before the unfortunate incident.
Korinjoh said that he never imagined his wife was going to leave him for one day, let alone go missing. He lamented that the dramatic disappearance of his beloved wife has brought hardship to him and the children, and the thought of raising the children all alone was giving him enormous psychological trauma.
“Since her mysterious disappearance, I have not had peace,” Korinjoh said. “It has been a life of nightmares.”
Narrating how his ordeal all began, Korinjoh recalled that he travelled for a Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) elite referees’ training on July 2, 2017 when the incident happened. He said he received a call from one of his sons alerting him that his wife packed her bag with the intention of travelling. He said that he quickly called his wife on several occasions, but she didn’t respond to any of his calls.
“I later called my son and asked him to give the device to her; I was then able to speak with her. I asked her why she wanted to travel and where she was travelling to.
“She responded that she intended visiting our daughter who is schooling in Ghana. Then I reminded her that I was not at home and moreover, there was no agreement between us that she should travel. But she said she just wanted to go visiting her, that she had already packed her bag and just had to go.
“My wife suffers memory loss. Normally, I don’t allow her to go out of the house without proper monitoring.”
He recalled that sometime in April 2017, his wife started experiencing memory loss, but due to financial constraints she had not been able to receive proper medical attention.
Korinjoh said that, shortly after his discussion with his wife, he instructed his son to quickly shut the gate of the house and seek help because whenever she was in that state, he (Korinjoh) always rallied to stop her.
Korinjoh said that he asked the son to call a pastor who lived close by to assist him. But before his son could return from the pastor’s place, the wife had taken a commercial motorbike and left.
When the son realised that she was gone, he too took a bike and went after her. He wanted to catch up with her and bring her back home.
“At that point, my son called to inform me that he could not find her. Immediately, I started calling her line. It kept ringing but for severally hours, she did not respond until about 4pm that same day.
“When I got through to her, I asked where she was and she said she was around Oko Afo area along the Lagos-Badagry Expressway. She said that she was on board a commercial bus on her way home.
“I told her not to forget to alight at Iyana Ira Bus Stop, which is close to the house.
“After that encounter, I kept calling her but she never took her calls until 8pm about the time I expected she should have been home for long. But to my greatest shock, she told me that she was somewhere on Lagos Island. Later, she said she was somewhere in Ijeshatedo, Surulere. I asked her what she was doing there but she could not tell.
“I thought she might have forgotten where to alight and could not remember to alight. So I sent a text  message to her phone while I kept calling to see if someone would help her take the calls or read the message, so that I could explain that she was experiencing memory loss so that the fellow could get in touch with me. But my efforts were all futile.
“I kept calling her until her line went dead. I felt probably that was because her battery had gone flat or she had misplaced her set.
“The next morning, I spoke with my superiors about the development in my home and they concluded that I should head to Lagos immediately so that I could attend to the situation.
“Immediately I got to Lagos, I swung into action; I visited the Divisional Police Station, Ajangbandi, where I officially made a report. So far, I have made several attempts to ensure that the police assisted me to locate her. But since I was not a big man who could spend lavishly, nothing significant has come out of my efforts. In Nigeria, when one is seeking such help, they usually end up spending a lot more money even when one is faced with a big predicament.
“After several visits to the police without any result, I went to our service provider to ask for help in locating her.
“It was my first time of going to Banana Island, where the provider is located. There, they refused to listen to me until I created a lot of drama, which attracted the presence of top management staff who now told me that they never attended to an individual.
“Now, I have written a letter to the police establishment at Panti, Yaba, Lagos. When I submitted it, they took it from me, but till now, they have not been able to track my wife’s call log.
“I am appealing to them to assist me because I don’t know where to run to anymore. My biggest worry is that my wife suffers memory loss. That is why I’m using this opportunity to appeal to Nigerians who might have any useful information on her whereabouts to contact me.”
He said he could be reached on 08089757382, just as he wants anyone with useful information leading to his wife’s location to contact the nearest police station.
Culled From: Daily Sun

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