Friday, 26 January 2018

Lagos Hairdresser Accused Of Killing Her Husband, & Withdrawing Huge Sum Of Money From His Bank Account

The death of a 32-year-old businessman, Mr. Segun Oyedepo, on December 30, 3017, at the Iju-Ishaga area of Lagos State has generated a lot of tension and suspicion among his family members and his wife, Suliyat Oyedepo. While Segun’s family accused Suliyat, 24, a hairdresser, of masterminding his death, the wife’s family countered, insisting that the man was killed by a hit-and-run driver.
Puzzling was the discovery made by Segun’s family that just days after he died, money mysteriously started disappearing from his bank account.
A close investigation was allegedly carried out by Segun elder’s brother, Oyetunji, 35, a banker. Oyetunji alleged that he discovered that Suliyat was the person that withdrew money from his late brother’s account. Oyetunji believed that Segun was killed somewhere and later dragged to the road.
Suliyat was also accused of sneaking into Segun’s home to move property. Segun was alleged to have been murdered by Suliyat, her elder brother, Hammed, and her sister, Islamiat. They were alleged to have carried out the deed because they wanted to get their hands on his money and property. Incidentally, Suliyat has a four-year-old son for Segun.
It was learnt that before Segun died, his six-year-old marriage to Suliyat had been witnessing a lot of turbulence, leading to separation.
Another twist to the story is that a day before his death, Segun marked his wife’s birthday.
The 71-year-old Segun’s grieving father, John Oyedepo, alleged that it was as a result of a huge sum of money, which Suliyat saw in Segun’s possession before and after the birthday party that made her to allegedly conspire with her siblings to kill his son.
John explained that Suliyat went to visit his son on December 29 and spent the night in his house. On December 30, about 5a.m., Segun called his mother and asked her to to pray for him.
John said: “Three hours later, Suliyat’s elder brother, Hammed, called my wife, claiming that my son had a minor accident. My wife left Ogbomosho, Oyo State. and embarked on a journey to Lagos State. She got to Lagos, to discover that our son was dead. When Suliyat was asked how he died, she couldn’t give any reasonable response.
“We later discovered that a case of road accident was reported at the Red House Police Station, Iju Ishaga by Suliyat. She claimed road accident to cover up the murder of her husband. At the police station, she told different stories about how Segun died.”
Pa Oyedepo noted that shortly after Segun’s burial, Suliyat went to his home and removed some items, including bags and envelopes believed to contain money and valuables.
He also accused the police of carrying out shoddy investigations. According to him, the Investigating Police Officer (IPO), a woman called Inspector Tutu, didn’t take time to examine Suliyat’s statement.
He added: “The policewoman and her bosses coerced me to go and bury my son without autopsy. The police threatened to detain me if I failed to comply with their instruction to bury my son and withdraw the case; this I did under duress and intense pressure from the IPO purportedly acting on her boss’ instructions.
“The following questions are begging for answers; if it’s true that my son called his mother on December 30th about 5a.m., why would Suliyat claim that the accident occurred by 4.30a.m? Where was Suliyat on the night of 29th and morning of December 30th? Who was the driver of the alleged vehicle that hit Segun? Where was Hammed and Islamist during and after the accident? What is the make and registration number of the said car that hit and killed Segun? Did the police demand that post-mortem examination be conducted on the corpse to ascertain cause of death? We’re demanding that police higher authorities should investigate all these and unravel the mystery surrounding Segun’s death.”
Reacting to the myriad of allegations against him, Suliyat and Islamiat, Hammed said that the case was taken to the police. He noted that after investigation, Suliyat was exonerated. He revealed that Segun and Suliyat were on a motorbike on that fateful day, when a car rammed into them from behind, leading to Segun’s death.
He said: “Police went to the place where the accident happened and asked people living around the place questions. In fact, somebody came out to testify that they saw when Segun was hit by a vehicle from behind. Police were there on Wednesday last week.”
According to Hammed, the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of Iju Police Station (Red House Police Station) or the IPO didn’t force Pa John to withdraw the case.
He said: “The DPO told them that the station couldn’t handle such a case; he advised them to go to the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID), Panti, Yaba. They were the ones that said they were not interested in going further with the case. This same family called the Oba in the area to beg the DPO that they were not interested in making a case. After a few days, they wrote a petition to the SCID. We were invited, and we all went there. The police told us that they would investigate the matter. The police went to where the accident happened with all of us. They took photos at the scene and asked questions from residents. Some of the residents came out to testify that it was accident that caused Segun’s death.”
He noted that Suliyat was legally married to Segun, stressing that they had traditional and church wedding, thus Suliyat is Segun’s legal wife.
Speaking on the couple’s separation, Hammed said: “Segun’s parents didn’t want the marriage to continue. Suliyat and Segun told them that they were not living together because that was what they wanted to hear. But they were living together because Segun loved Suliyat and even after the incident, police went to the house and confirmed that they were living together as husband and wife.
They lied that Red House Police Station took bribe from us. They said that we conspired and killed their son. If we are guilty, why did the police not detain us?”
Hammed also shed light on the money alleged to have disappeared from Segun’s account after his death.
He said: “Traditionally in Yoruba land; if a woman’s husband died that way, the woman has to stay indoors for four months and 10 days. The couple has a son. My sister went and withdrew money because she knew she wouldn’t come out or go anywhere for months. She has to mourn her husband.”

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