Monday, 5 February 2018

42-Year-Old Man Arrested For Fathering A Child With His Biological Daughter

A dad and his long-lost daughter have been arrested for incest after having a child together in the United States. Steven Walter Pladl, a 42-year-old from Knightdale, North Carolina, was arrested along with his 20-year-old daughter, Katie on charges of incest after his wife reported the pair to police.

Katie is Steven’s biological daughter and had been adopted as a baby, having no contact with her birth father for almost two decades before finding him over social media after she turned 18.
Steven Pladl’s wife, who is the mother of Katie and their two other children and from whom he now estranged, discovered that Katie was pregnant with his child after reading one of the former couple’s children’s diaries.
It also read that the other children had been told to call Katie their step-mother, the Daily Mail reports.
The wife then contacted Steven and challenged him about the issue, which he confirmed was true and added that he and Katie were planning to get married, a court heard last week.
Child services in Richmond, Virginia, where Steven and Katie were living at the time, were informed and interviewed the two other children, who confirmed their mother’s allegations.
The incestuous couple subsequently moved an hour south to Knightdale, North Carolina, where they were arrested at the end of January on charges of incest with adult, adultery and contributing to delinquency.
A bail bond of $1 million was set for the couple. Steven had been released on bail but Katie remains incarcerated, according to WNCN.
They are both awaiting extradition back to Virginia, where the crimes occurred.
Katie was born in early 1998 and then immediately adopted to a family in a different state. She was unaware of her birth parents until 2016, whereupon she attempted to track down her biological parents via social media. Once she had found the Pladls, she moved into their home in Richmond.
The wife and mother reported that Steven began sleeping on the floor of Katie’s room for a month before she eventually decided to move out.
The mother and father legally separated in November 2016, before Steven and Katie subsequently had a child in September 2017, who was with them when they were finally arrested on January 27 2018.

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