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Sugar Daddy Dupes 21-Year-Old Lady Of Her Entire Savings After She Got Tired Of Dating Boys Her Own Age

A young lady, Anna Ryan thought she’d hit the jackpot when rich businessman, David promised to spoil her like a princess – but this sugar daddy turned out to be 'not quite as sweet as she had hoped'. Below is how the 21-year-old shared her story.

I’m tired of boys our age” I sighed, tossing my phone onto the couch. My friend laughed at my frustration.
At 18, I was fed up with the immaturity of teenage boys I’d meet in town. I wanted an older man who knew how to treat a woman properly.
I was saving every penny I earned at my sales job to go travelling in Australia, so it would be nice to find a man who could spoil me whilst I saved.
“You should try this dating site I’m on,” my friend suggested, handing me her phone. I glanced at the browser she had opened.
James seemed like perfect boyfriend material
A simple but sophisticated black page filled the phone screen, with a picture of a glamorous looking pair smiling up at me.
‘Where beautiful, successful people fuel mutually beneficial relationships’ the description read, and I was intrigued.
Later that night, I opened the site on my laptop. The sign-up page for the dating website was quick and easy, and my heart thumped as I filled out my details.
Selecting the option ‘Sugar Baby’, I felt nervous as I made the finishing touches to my profile and clicked ‘Complete’. All I had to do now was wait.
The pretty teen was keen to meet older men as boys her age were too immature
It wasn’t long before I heard the bleep of a message arriving in my inbox.
James Walsh messaged you the notification read. I nervously clicked onto James’ profile, and was taken aback with what I found.
James was a stock trader from Kensington, earning over £50 million a year. He had a flat in Chelsea where he lived and worked when he wasn’t visiting his other offices in Dubai and Edinburgh.
James described himself as a massive overachiever who didn’t have time for dating due to work and now wanted a trophy for his arm. After a few messages via the website, we quickly exchanged numbers.
We chatted for the next seven months, spending hours on the phone, and I was pleased to find James was as funny and charming as he was successful, his soft Chelsea accent making me blush.
He sent me pictures of his Lamborghini and told me about a gold mining station that he owned which earnt him extra money. I was smitten.
David would pressure Anna to speak about her finances
I was nervous about meeting James, and seven months had passed before I agreed to a date. I’d never had a serious boyfriend before, and felt cautious about meeting someone I’d met over the internet.
But James wasn’t going to wait forever. After all, he wanted a girl to show off and spoil in public, not just a pen pal.
I was surprised when James asked if I could pick him up from the train station in my car. I was looking forward to seeing his Lamborghini, and felt disappointed when he told me it was in the garage with a flat tyre.
Nevertheless, I drove to the station and felt a flutter in my tummy as I set my eyes on him in person for the first time.
“I’ve come straight from work in Edinburgh,” he said, climbing into my passenger seat in a fancy three piece suit.
Our date was occasionally interrupted by work phone calls from clients, but I didn’t mind as I listened in awe to him discussing work.
He told me about an upcoming business trip to New York, and chatted with a personal assistant on the phone about the details.
James paid for the meal in cash, flashing a gold Rolex on his wrist as he handed the money to our waiter. I dropped him off at the station, and smiled all the way home thinking about our date.
James and I carried on chatting daily, and I couldn’t wait to see him again. When he suggested meeting that weekend, a thrill ran through me.
We met for another lovely dinner, and after a night of wining and dining, I was excited when he said he was falling for me and wanted to see me again.
Successful, rich and eager to see me? He was almost too good to be true.
We arranged another date, and I had to pick him up from station again as his car was still in the garage, which I thought was a little odd, but it was a Lamborghini so I assumed it might just take longer to sort than regular cars do.
After another wonderful evening together, I nervously invited James back to my house for a night cap.
“My parents are away for the weekend,” I said. “It would be a shame not to make the most of it.”
Once back at mine, James said everything I wanted to hear, calling me his girlfriend and telling me he’d made space for my clothes in his walk in wardrobe at his Chelsea home.
He spoke of booking a hotel in Dubai for us to stay at, and I felt excited as he talked lovingly about our future together. I was dreaming of our idyllic life when he suddenly mentioned a court fine he had to pay.
Anna ended up giving the fake banker £5,000 – all of her savings
One of his members of staff had been negligent with his trading for the company, and he now had to pay a fine of £5,000 to bail him out.
However, because it was James’ company that was in trouble, the banks had frozen his accounts and he couldn’t pay the fine.
He even joked that this would be the last time I would see him as he could go to prison if he didn’t pay the fine.
I was shocked, but James laughed it off. “Don’t worry, I should be able to sort it out,” he shrugged.
We woke up late the next day and as I raced around the house, James mentioned the fine again. I hurried him out to the car so I could get to work on time, when he suddenly snapped.
“I need the money now,” he growled, his soft Chelsea accent disappearing and a gruff Manchester growl coming out.
He started shouting at me, calling me selfish and demanding I transfer him five grand immediately or he would jump off a cliff.
I was stunned, but stuck on a busy road with nowhere to turn, I didn’t know what to do.
“I don’t have that kind of money,” I cried as he snatched my bank card out of my purse and dialled the number for my bank.
Slamming the phone into my face, James demanded I answer the security questions.
I can get the money back later I thought as I blindly answered the voice on the phone I just need to do what he says and he won’t hurt me.
We arrived at the station as James threw my phone down and left the car without a word. I went to work but couldn’t focus, the horrific event playing over and over in my head.
I checked my balance and felt sick as I saw all of my savings were gone.
Later, James messaged me acting like everything was normal, apologising for scaring me and promising to pay me back.
He invited me out for dinner, saying he’d pick me up in a Ferrari to show everything was fine, but all my trust in him was gone.
That night I searched his number on the Internet, and my heart dropped. He wasn’t ‘James Walsh’ at all.
I found a forum all about a conman from Manchester called David Overton, notorious for scamming young girls out of money by pretending to be a successful stock trader.
Anna was scared by David’s change in behaviour when he wanted money from her
Feeling embarrassed, I told my mum everything the next day, and the police arrested David.
I testified against him alongside eight other victims that I had found and contacted via the Facebook page ‘Overton Exposed’, and in February 2017 David pleaded guilty to fraud and was jailed for 15 months.
I never got my money back but I’m glad I put that conman behind bars before he could scam anybody else.
My run in with that ‘sugar daddy’ has left me feeling very bitter.

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