Friday, 11 May 2018

Double Wahala! Staff Accuses BBNaija Sponsor, PAYPORTE Of Owing Workers Salaries

Iquo Okpo
A group of former staff of the company that operate an Instagram account with the name 'Ex-Payporte Staff', has posted lots of pictures, including those of the MD/CEO of the company, Eyo Bassey, in jets to paint pictures of how he basks in opulence while his employees wallow in undeserved penury despite their hard work.
The news of Payporte's alleged abuse of the labour laws in Nigeria went viral in April, 2018 but it was debunked by the company forcing the public to disregard the claims.
But on a fresh and daring note, a lady working for the company has taken up the issue using her Instagram account to seek justice and expose the CEO of the company,  Eyo Bassey Francis who has been accused of paying media companies to kill the story against his firm. 
Eyo Bassey Francis (Right)
Iquo Okpo, a member of  staff of the e-commerce company headquartered in Lagos State, has taken to social media to call out the company for not paying salaries. Okpo, whose Instagram handle is ‘@pizjay’ made the revelation on Instagram in an open letter to the organization.
According to Okpo, employees of the organization have been afraid to speak out of fear of being blacklisted by employers. She claims that Payporte has been owing staff for more than three months and has not remitted pension and tax for more than two years.
She also revealed that people who left the company voluntarily and involuntarily have yet to be paid their outstanding wages. Additionally, Okpo alleges that ‘stories about the CEO's philandering with staff are equally true’ and according to her, ‘there is proof’.
Read her account below:
Read two other account of a member of staff and a business partner:
However, in an interview conducted two months ago by The Punch, Abioye Olubodun, an aide to the MD, maintained that the claims by the former staff were false. 
She said, “It is a lie, they are not being owed. The people that did not get their money are those that left the company without properly resigning their appointments and those that still have company properties such as cars and expensive cameras in their possessions. If you want to leave a company, there is a process to follow and that is the way it is everywhere. Your boss has to clear you, otherwise it would be regarded that you went on AWOL.
“It is unfortunate that the former staff had to go to this length. They just need to do the right thing and everything would be resolved. They don’t want to do the right thing but they want to get paid. The company doesn’t have issues with them; they have just been told to bring the items in their possessions and they would get paid their entitlements. It is not true that they were being owed.”
On the allegation that the company treats its staff poorly while sponsoring competitions such as Big Brother Naija, and signing on brand ambassadors, Olubodun said, “That is not true. I am a staff of the company and I can tell you that I am well treated. Meanwhile, the MD is aware of the allegations and he is planning to call a press conference at the end of the month.”

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