Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Pictured! Accountant Mysteriously Disappears Since 4 Years, Leaving His Wife And Son Behind

According to a report by Vanguard, when Idowu Gbadegeshin Ajiferuke left his residence at Wale Adebayo Otemuyi Street inside Matogun, Ogun State, on November 30, 2014, little did his family know that it was the last time they would see him. It has been four whole years and no one knows his whereabouts, what has become of him, if he is still alive or dead.
For four years, his wife and two children waited expectantly, praying fervently for him to come back but nothing of such happened.
Narrating their ordeal, Temidayo, the victim’s son said, “I was actually in school when they called to notify me that my daddy was missing. Before I came back from school, my mother and some other relatives had gone to the police station to report   him missing. We didn’t stop at that; we also went to different hospitals within Ogun State to check if he was involved in any accident but no information came from there.
"Before he went missing, he lost his job. My father  doesn’t like being idle and losing his job affected him.  There was a time he was sick, we took him to the hospital, they said he was fine and that nothing was wrong with him. As time went on, he lost his memory. I guess the loss of his job got him depressed. We took him to Yaba Neuropsychiatric Hospital for treatment and  he was there for a while.
“After he lost his job, the pension company was supposed to pay him his pension two years after. After he went missing, we went to the pension office and they asked us to get a letter from his place of work which we did.
After we submitted the letter, they asked us to come back after 12 months as they wanted to do some investigation on their own to know if our claims were genuine. After their investigation, they called my mother recently and requested that we make a publication that her husband is missing. We wanted to use his pension in roofing his building.” 
Mother and son
When asked the reaction of their father’s relatives, the visibly traumatized young man quipped: “We lost contact with his family, but when he went missing, they came to our house trading blames and attacking my mother, accusing her that she was the reason we stopped visiting them.”
Still keeping hope alive, 58-year-old, Ajiferuke Dashola, the wife of the missing man expressed fervent hopes that her husband who has been missing for over four years must be alive.
According to the mother of two who came to Vanguard office with her son, “I believe my husband is still alive. Each time I dream, I see him alive. I am trusting God that one day, he will come back home. I thank God that the two children we have are behind me.”
"What if he comes back with another woman and kids? “If tomorrow my husband comes with children, I will welcome him.
"After all, my children are graduates. There is nothing I can do. But I know that my husband is not that kind of person. When we were still young, he was a one- man, one- woman person. He didn’t double date. His routine was going to work, coming back home after the close of work, going to church and home. He is more of the indoor type. Till date, my in-laws don’t have an idea of how I managed to train the kids through school since my husband went missing.” 

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