Monday, 3 September 2018

Sexy Bride Strips To Her Pants At Reception, Dances & Twerks With Husband As Wedding Guests Looked On (Photos/Video)

A woman is going viral after she gave her wedding guests enough memories to last a lifetime during her reception, ABC News reports. Justin and Stephanie Payne, a Houston couple who met 8-years ago through mutual friends, were married on August 10 at Chateau Chrystale in the Westheimer area.
The wedding was nothing short of non-traditional. In fact, the bride wore two beautiful gowns: first, stunning the guests with a gold wedding gown, then entering the reception in a dazzling white floor-length dress. However, guests weren't prepared for later in the reception. 
"I didn't want to get the traditional white gown, I actually wanted a red gown, red is both our favorite colors, so I said I'd find what I could find,"Stephanie told Eyewitness News.
"I think they weren't expecting that. I don't think they were expecting anything that happened... I wanted to be different and untraditional, but most weddings I've seen, they didn't do any dress changes."
The bride re-entered the reception with shorts, a Mardi Gras mask, and moves that surely no one will ever forget. Needless to say, everyone was surprised. 
The bride suddenly changed her dress and started dancing and twerking
"To be honest, I remember all the lights flashing from everybody cameras, everybody awing and everybody oohing, and stuff like that, and just the moment I see my husband there... I'm just gonna do what I'm gonna do. I wanted to wow him and I wanted everybody to be happy, and everyone to enjoy a good show," she said.
And as for the groom, he didn't miss a beat as his bride showed her moves. "He was in awe too. If you look at the video, he got into it, too," she said.
Some people had a different reaction to Stephanie's reception, saying that they thought it was inappropriate. 
Stephanie says she would tell those people, "Why would I want to be like someone else? Where is the action? Where is the happiness? Where is the party at? Where is the celebration? It doesn't have to be mellow.
"Everything doesn't have to be so mediocre and to keep doing the same thing as tradition. Let's have a real good party. I'd tell them to be open minded!"
Thankfully, the bride and groom were able to enjoy the beginning of forever in a fun, judgement-free zone surrounded by friends and loved ones. 

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