Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Shocking Video Shows A Woman Begging Her Bleeding Husband Not To Die After Stabbing Him

Nunez (right) tells her husband Erick Omar Diaz (left) to forgive her and begs him not to die
moments after she allegedly stabbed him during an altercation inside a motel room in Mexico on Sunday morning
This is the shocking moment a woman begs her husband for forgiveness after she allegedly stabbed him. Cell phone show Sonia Amairani Nunez, who is in her 20s, kneeling on the pavement and pleading for Erick Omar Diaz, 29, not to die after an apparent altercation inside a Mexican motel Sunday morning.
The repentant woman at one point cried, 'forgive me my love, please don’t die,' while her wounded partner was lying on the ground fighting for his life.
A group of people were present outside Las Cascadas motel in Iguala, a city in the Mexican Pacific coast state of Guerrero, and spotted Nunez trying to help a stumbling Diaz crashing to the ground. 
The woman could be heard saying on the video: 'He hit me. He tried to kill me... tell them the truth.'
As Díaz struggles to hold on to his wife, he counters her accusation and asks for help while telling the bystanders that Nunez wants to 'kill me.' 
'I am not going to kill you because I love you,' the distraught wife replied.
'I’d never do that to you but you have no idea what you did to me, OK.' 
Díaz shot back: 'God is really a witness.' 
A distraught woman remains by her partner's side after she allegedly stabbed him during a dispute
It took an ambulance from the Mexican Red Cross almost an hour to show up. 
A cop who first arrived on the scene refused to transport the victim to a hospital because he claimed the police vehicle didn't have enough gas.
Instead of tending to the injured man, he pulled out his cell phone to record the couple for a few seconds and then walked away. 
For a while, Nunez appears on the video unwilling to leave her husband's side while begging him to stay alive as a paramedics continuously asked her to step aside.
The 12-minute viral footage, which since has been removed from Facebook, also shows how deep Diaz's wound is. His intestines are fully visible at one point.
Díaz was transported to a local hospital and is stable condition after he underwent surgery.
Nunez was arrested and charges are still pending. 
Watch a video of the moment below:
Source: Daily Mail UK

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