Friday, 24 May 2019

Ali Baba Has Advise For Women On 'Size Matter' (Check It Out)

Nigeria's King of comedy, Ali Baba has advised women to please manage whichever size of manhood their husbands have. What he wrote after the cut.
My DM and WhatsApp is a riot!!!!! I mean from text messages to recorded chats to videos to pictures... all the works. Many "mothers in Israel" have just bottled up too much. While I am not a pastor, or a marriage counsellor or a sex therapist, that's @pamelauoka's job... what I can say is that we are not perfect. 

On behalf of men who are half the men we should be, please manage us like that. If we could do anything about it we would have. And on behalf of we, the men who are like noodles, and come to a conclusion too soon, please be patient with us, it has not come to that yet. 

We thank our Madams who are tolerating us. We know our shortcomings. And while at it, if this matter was not that deep, our shortcomings would not have been such a long thing. 

must also say that, for those of us who come to a conclusion so quickly, it's not our fault. The spirit is willing. It's the body that is weak. So even if you shout "gbe body eee" from now till day break... We can not come and still kill ourself. Kilode. When the ATM says insufficient funds, you must withdraw your ATM card. 

Decide what's important. Is it providing for the family? Being God fearing? Having a sense of humour? Being faithful? Paying you attention? Fathering the children? Dressing well and looking good? Protecting the family? Making sure you don't lack? Being a friend? Being supportive? Or exhibiting unbecoming behaviour?

We cannot be everything. Just as you can not have everything. You can't be light skinned (em... well i hear you can), have backside (em I hear you can now) you can't be Manchester (em... I hear you can now) you can't be taller (em... This one is still temporary) you cannot be all pretty (em... This too is possible).... BUT WHEN IT COMES TO MEN, A PRAYER TO ENLARGE OUR COAST... DOESNT WORK. ALL THE OTHER STORIES YOU HEAR IS ALL LIES.

So please manage am as you see am. On behalf of all of us below 3 inches. We no be God.

We cannot come and come and kill yourself.

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