Monday, 20 May 2019

Checkout These Correct Slangs Commonly Used Among Nigerian

Nigerians in diaspora use different kinds of Nigerian correct slangs during conversation, this usually come up whenever they see their felllow Nigerians either home or abroad. They often use Nigerian slangs either in their local, pigin English or English language & you know the fact remains that the linqual flow is always unique.
Here are a list of Nigerian correct slangs you could learn:
  • Twale      = I salute
  • Omo ele  = Pretty babe
  • Jeun soke = Keep on keeping on. As in go ahead, succeed
  • Ko si iya were = Literarily means the mad fella doesn’t have a mother but colloquially means Don’t give a damn
  • You fall my hand = You’ve disappointed me or let me down
  • Flash = means buzz someone’s phone with no real intent of calling
  • Stone me = give me e.g stone me credit means give me some airtime for my phone
  • Egunje = Bribe
  • Ehn? = Pardon me
  • Kokolete = Babe
  • Kaput = Die
  • Ajuwaya = Youth Corper
  • Ole = Thief
  • You dey make my hair plait = You’re turning me one (not necessarily sexually)
  • Yarn = Talk
  • Yarn dust = Talk rubbish
  • No shaking = Not perturbed or moved
  • Amebo = Someone who gossips
  • Aristo = Sugar Daddy
  • Oga = Boss
  • Mola = A Hausa man
  • Omo Ibo = An ibo man
  • Omo ‘ta = A tout who is sometimes an Agbero (a bus stop tout)
  • Pepper = Money
  • Pepper rest =There is money
  • u don price== u’ve asked for trouble.
  • Dem swear for you?-== Was a curse put on you?
  • u don dey mara? ==Are you going crazy?
  • Which levelz, how far== whats good. Whats happening.
  • you go chop beat== you going to get beaten up
  • Gbana== Marijuana.

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