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How A Man Got Stuck Inside A Married Woman While Having Sex With Her In Nasarawa

A man, Musa and Fatima, wife of a businessman, who stubbornly continued their illicit affair despite being warned to end it by the husband of the woman, have been eating the hard bread of regret and shame after they got stuck together in the heat of raunchy sex. The duo had to be surgically separated in a hospital.
The scandalous incident happened in Nasarawa State after the aggrieved husband, Yakubu, who could no longer endure the embarrassment of his wife’s open, adulterous relationship with Musa resorted to the use of a special charm to avenge his hurt.
Sunday Sun learnt that Yakubu and Fatima met in Jalingo, Taraba State, during one of his frequent business trips. A romantic relationship developed them and they married in 2009. But the relationship went sour as Fatima claimed that Yakubu could not sexually satisfy her and began an extramarital affair with Musa.
Yakubu said that he made several attempts including threatening his wife and demanding that Musa should leave his wife alone. His warnings to Fatima and entreaties to Musa were ignored as the lovers carried on with the affair, seemingly unconcerned.
When he could no longer bear the psychological trauma, he decided to seek help from a native, who prepared a charm that would make the two lovers stick together in the heat of the sex act.
The native doctor advised him to apply the charm on the inner surface of his wife’s pant. He did as the native doctor advised and then travelled to Kano on a business trip. Three days after, Fatima visited Musa and passed the night as she had regularly done. While Musa and Fatima were deeply engrossed in the sex act, Musa suddenly found that he couldn’t withdraw and the entire sexual act came to a halt as they were gripped by excessive pain. Try as they could, the duo could not separate from each other.
The intensity of the pain made them groan till daybreak when their cries of agony drew the attention of neighbours, who broke down the door and got a vehicle to convey them to the hospital. A crowd gathered to watch them carried out on one stretcher and taken to the casualty department of the hospital.
At the hospital, a healthcare professional debunked the claim that the incident was caused by a charm and gave a medical explanation of what really happened.
He said: “When the penis is in the vagina, it may become increasingly become engorged. The muscles of the woman’s pelvic floor contract rhythmically at orgasm; while those muscles contract, the penis becomes stuck and further engorged. Though it is not common but it happens, that is my believe but if you people choose to attribute it to witchcraft, fine.”
He said that the vaginal muscles would ultimately relax at the end of the day as the blood would flow out of the penis and the man would withdraw after the prolonged intercourse.
Phone call with Yakubu
Initial efforts of Sunday Sun reporter to speak with Yakubu on the phone were unsuccessful as his popular line was switched off. But the intervention of his close friend paved the way as he used his own phone to reach him through a different number, which he picked. He then convinced Yakubu to talk with Sunday Sun, who accused his wife of betraying their marriage by having extra-marital affairs.
He said: “The problem started three years ago, when began denying me making love to her. The worst is that I serially caught her and saw different text messages on her phone. Whenever I left the house or travelled out for my business, she would equally go out to meet her boyfriend and our house-help usually told me, but I kept calm for peace to reign until I could not bear it again. I noticed that my wife started wearing makeup and buying hair attachment and doing things she didn’t do before. It was clear that something was wrong.
I had it on good authority that Musa was dating her, and she told her close friend that I could not satisfy her in bed, and that Musa was perfect and gave her the satisfaction she wanted. I’m a human being, I have blood flowing in my veins, feelings of anger and resentment are bound to follow the hurt and shock when somebody has tactically taken your own wife, memories and feelings will normally come up. The way they were going clearly showed that both Musa and my wife had taken me to be a fool as I had endured the flaws for that long.

I have noticed their affair for a long time; I tried talking to the guy to leave my wife alone to no avail. I warned my wife countless times about it, I told her that our neighbors were aware of her affairs with Musa and they were talking about it. I told her parents several times that what their daughter was doing was causing my self-esteem to suffer. The worst was that she was denying me sex, so I decided to narrate my ordeal to a friend who showed me the way to go since I had warned Musa and my wife, without success. I was directed to somebody in Ibadan, Oyo State, in one of the remote villages. It took me two days to get there. It was a Yoruba man that gave me the charm, he asked me to buy a male dog and other items. He killed the dog and removed the male organ to prepare the charm. He said to me ‘You see how dogs get stuck for hours during copulation, a dog penis has a compartment which fills with blood after intercourse has begun, effectively locking the shaft of the dog’s penis.’ The native doctor asked me to apply it on my wife’s inner wears (pants) anytime I’m travelling. He said that once she uses any of the pants after taking her bath to go and meet Musa or any other man, the sex organ will get stuck for about 24 hours before it will separate. I did that to expose her before her parents because they kept defending their daughter.”
Musa’s account
When the lovers were eventually separated, Musa who is on admission at the hospital said he had regretted his actions and the shame it had brought to him, noting that he never expected it.
His words: “Initially I thought it to be the intensity of the vaginal muscle responding during the orgasm but when the intercourse lasted longer than usual with excessive pains, I knew there was a problem. If you were in that state, you probably feel like an eternity. I’m dumbfounded. Fatima has a very high libido, and for the period she has been married, her husband had not been able to satisfy her in bed. She started getting frustrated and found me worthy, though I continuously felt guilty any time we were together, but I equally discovered that there was a difference in libidinal needs and I was at hand to fulfill and satisfy her sexual needs and she was happy.

She actually seduced me into it about two years ago because most of the time, her husband travelled and could stay for weeks before coming back. At such times, Fatima would go out at will and even spend nights out with me. It all started in July 2016. It had rained all day and the weather was so cold. After the rains, she came to my house and knocked at my room and I let her in. She came wearing a black

Jalabiah and immediately pulled it off. I was shocked to see that Fatima was almost naked as she wore only a lingerie inside with no underwear and I could clearly see the outline of her firm breast and private part. She walked straight to the bed and grabbed me, asking me why I was behaving like a little boy and whether she was not desirable enough, and added that she had for long been interested in me. I told her I could not do such as I saw her as a sister and mother and feared what her husband would do to her if he found out, but she doused my fear by asking me how he would know. I fell for the temptation and slept with her. She later spent the night in my house that very day. From that time till date, it became a daily routine as we would stay indoors and have s*x all day as long as the husband was away. I’m full of guilt and regrets after sleeping with her for over two years.”
Efforts to talk to the woman (Fatima) in the hospital after the separation proved abortive as the medical personnel did not allow Sunday Sun reporter into the ward to speak with her.

Source: Sun News

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