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Abomination! 39-Year-Old Housewife Caught Unclad Having Sex With 14-Year-Old Boy In Lagos

A 39-year old housewife, Mrs. Happiness Nwokocha, has been caught and her nude picture taken, after she allegedly sexually molested a 14-year old boy in her friend’s place in Lagos. Sources report that the incident happened at 18 Adesola Street in Agodo Egbe area of Lagos, where the victim resides with her parents, while Happiness, popularly known as ‘Mama Twins’, resides at No. 26 of the same street in the area.

It was gathered that the abuse had been taking place as a trick employed by the suspect, Mrs. Happiness, to steal some beverages from the shop owned by her friend, who is the mother of the boy in question.

Both Mrs. Happiness and the boy’s parents attend Mountain of Fire & Miracles Church and that gave the suspect, Happiness, unfettered access to enter deep into the family and started molesting the boy despite the fact that she lives with her husband and had children.

According to the 14-year victim, Happiness reportedly lured him into his mother’s shop in the early hours of the day and stripped him Unclad after she had packed some beverages. While still in the act, the boy’s mother came through the back door of the super store located inside their compound and caught them with the items she had packed inside a bag, which she had intended to take away after the sex romp.

The matter was reported to the Police at Area M Command, Idimu, Lagos and Happiness was invited.

The whole matter changed after the IPO on the case turned everything against the complainant, Mr. Frank Alamezie, who is the father of the victim. Mr. Alamezie was detained for taking the nude picture of the suspect, Happiness, as she was caught in the act.
The father of the victim, Mr. Alamazie, stated how Mrs. Happiness was caught pants down while molesting his 14-year old son by his wife, Mrs. Alamazie, around 5am on 20th April, 2019, inside his wife’s store.

Source gathered that on the fateful day, when Mrs. Alamazie reportedly caught Happiness molesting her son, she raised alarm calling on her husband to quickly come down so that the perpetrator would not escape. She was said to have held the hairs of the perpetrator, (Mama Ejima), who was obviously Unclad and asked her husband to take her nude pictures so that she wouldn’t deny it later.

Surprisingly, it was gathered that perpetrator’s husband, Mr. Kingsley, started threatening to deal the boy’s father, Mr. Alamezie, if he fails to delete the nude pictures of his wife he took. He was said to have boasted being a cult member and will get at the survivor’s father.

The victim’s father, Mr. Alamazie, who was still in a state of shock, then rushed to Area M Police Command, Idimu, to formally report the incident and that of the threat by the perpetrator’s husband.

An officer, by the name Sergeant Mike, with phone number 07037181564, was assigned as the IPO to the case. Sergeant Mike reportedly took the survivor’s father’s statement, visited the scene of the alleged crime, took pictures of the items found inside the customised bag the perpetrator, Mrs. Happiness Nwokocha, a.k.a Mama Ejima, usually used to loot the shop each day after she had finished molesting the 14-year old boy.

After the investigative visitation carried out by Sergeant Mike, he demanded for the pictures taken by the survivor’s father on the day the perpetrator was caught.

When the boy’s father went back to the Area M Police Command, he was shocked to see the IPO, Sergeant Mike, suddenly change the entire story; accusing the survivor’s father, Mr. Alamazie, to have deliberately taken the perpetrator’s nude pictures with the aid of his wife in order to implicate her. Sergeant Mike was said to have also accused Mr. Alamazie of posting the pictures on the social media, which he said he never did.

The IPO, Sergeant Mike, was said to have also lied to the then Area Commander, ACP Toyin Agbaminoja. The Area Commander, who did not bother to listen to Mr. Alamazie’s side of the story, ordered that he should be locked up. Mr. Alamazie was released the next day which was on 22nd April, 2019.

Eventually, the Area Commander, ACP Toyin Agbaminoja, decided to listen to Mr. Alamazie. After giving him audience, the real thing that happened was revealed and the Area Commander rained curses on the IPO, Sergeant Mike, for misinforming her.

As if that was not enough, Sergeant Mike was said to have continued to threaten the survivor’s father with 15years jail term for taking nude pictures of the perpetrator, Happiness.

The IPO, Sergeant Mike, was said to have also lied that over 20 NGOs were on this case and it would cost the survivor’s father at least N2m him to be set free. The IPO, Mike, was also fingered as an ally of the perpetrator’s husband, Mr. Kingsley Nwokocha, who is alleged to be engaged in advance fees fraud. He was said to have extorted from Mr. Alamazie since the case started; the sum of N58, 000, N30,000, were transferred into two accounts, which Sergeant Mike had provided belonging to two of his colleagues and N28,000 was handed over to him in cash.

Their Church, MFM, had also tried to settle the matter between Mr. Alamazie and Mr. Nwokocha through the Regional Pastor. But the attempt by the Church was said to have failed due to the fact that Mr. Kingsley and Mrs. Happiness Nwokocha had demanded for ten million Naira because of the nude pictures the survivor’s father took when the perpetrator was caught molesting the 14-year old boy.

It was gathered also that the perpetrator and her husband wrote a petition against the Regional Overseer to the Church’s headquarter and he was told to hands off the matter, which practically left the survivors to be further humiliated by the perpetrator and her husband, Kingsley Nwokocha.

After the drama at Area M Command, Sergeant Mike was said to have advised the perpetrator to write a petition to the Human Rights Section of the State Command alleging that Mr. Alamazie and his wife assaulted her. But after the Human Rights Unit of the State Command had carried out their investigation, they found the perpetrator culpable of child molestation and the case was transferred to the Gender Unit.

The Gender Unit on it part carried out its own investigation and also found the perpetrator culpable. As the case was about to be charged to Court, unknowingly to the Gender Unit, the perpetrator’s husband, Mr. Kingsley Nwokocha, had written another petition to Zone 2, FCID D9 Unit, alleging that the boy’s father, Mr. Alamezie and his wife, assaulted Mama Ejima (Mrs. Happiness) and took her nude pictures, which was posted on the internet. Two weeks ago, precisely on 18th August, 2019, operatives at Zone 2 Command, instructed the Area M Command to arrest the boy’s father.

According to the boy’s father, Mr. Alamezie, over 8 fully armed Police personel stormed his house and arrested him without a warrant of arrest. Mr. Alamezie said that he was treated like a common criminal as they handcuffed him and locked him up from 18th to 19th August, 2019.

The IPO assigned to the case, by name Supol Fatai and his boss, interrogated Mr. Alamazie and realized that he was wrongly accused before he was released. He was then told he would be informed when his attention would be needed when the case is transferred from Gender Unit of the State Command.

The officers at D9 of Zone 2 reportedly attempted to extort from Mr. Alamazie by demanding the sum of N200,000 for his bail and that of his wife, Mrs. Alamazie. But Mr. Alamazie refused to part with any money for the fact that he has done nothing wrong. They were said to have further negotiated for N100,000 but Mr. Alamazie stood his ground before he was eventually allowed to leave without parting with any money.

Source gathered that both the Commissioner of Police and AIG have intervened on the matter since Friday to ensure justice was done on the victim and the suspect.

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